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Me – a Brief Report

My name is Richard Bellstam ( tada 🙂 ) and I live in Nyköping, Södermanland, Sweden. Nyköping is located about 100 km south of Stockholm. I grew up here in Nyköping, but I´ve been away in periods due to my urge to learn new things. I lived in Umeå for awhile, which is located in the northern part of Sweden. During my time there – I studied hardware-/software-based computer networks and project management. I lived in Karlstad for awhile, which is located in the middle of Sweden. During my time in Karlstad – I studied working science. Everything have led me and my interests towards human relations and managing change.

Now – 2021 – I´m working as a Change Management Coach in the industrial sector. Why would´nt I? Here, is where the absolutely biggest challenges is located. Why, you may ask?! Cause the industrial sector is most materialistic sector and it have been burnmarked by it´s cold-hearted production-focused history. In many ways – this makes it most rewarding but also the most challenging. That in all – makes good candy for me to chew on 🙂 With this said I also want to mention that the company I work for, is undergoing alot of interesting development on many fronts right now (and have been for a while). I´m proud in several ways to be apart of the constantly growing unity within the company. There are alot of people who strive and create paths towards the more human-focused aspect of our product-producing process. We need to wake up with a smile on our faces every day of the week, when we think about our work. When we are happy, the company is happy. The math is´nt much more complicated than that 😉 If we energize – we´re energized! Ofcourse – this also bridges over to our products.

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Big hopes for our future

The potential in a human being is enormous! Every person can make a tromendous impact on the world around us, especially these days. Just look at humans like Simon Sinek, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Elon Musk for example. Not many humans can say that these names are completely unknown to them. Why? Because they have all achieved something great in their life, with great passion. On the way of doing just that, they have brought a contagious bright light around them. They shine with passion. This does not make them exclusive in any way – they all just made the same decision basicly.

They decided to follow their own roads with a burning torch inside their head, leading themselfs along the unmarked path ahead. Cause of energy and willpower along the way, to make something great for human kind – they have made alot of friends on this path that wanted to aid them towards this goal, which is shared along the way. Nothing is as convincing as a clear determined mind with good research to back it up – towards making the dream real. All of us humans do´nt necessarily need to be like these examples, but we all have to make friends with ourselfs and help humans like this to succeed making a better common world. These names would´nt have made it at all, if not those goods friends/minds stood right beside them.

Greatness resides in all of us, I´m sure of it – and it´s just a small decision away.

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