Hiking 🌲

I´ve always loved the woods and being a part of nature itself. If I could, I would spend most of my time within the forest. Hiking at times, gives me that magical feeling of being a part of nature. There is truly real magic within our connection to the nature, you just have to give it a fair chance of being an aspect in your life. The strong connection I feel, have led me further into the woods where I often contemplate surrounding my own way of living. How I take care of myself and the life that surrounds me in private. This also, when I´m active at work as a change leader/coach. Therefor a big part of my work is to inspire and lead others on their journeys. I always strive to be a pure source of empowering inspiration.

First thing first – The Hiking Staff

No hiker is complete without a decent staff. That is what I think anyways. 🙂 At the moment I´m designing my very own hiking staff out of Birch. Sitting in the backyard at evenings, carving that staff into absolute perfection 🙂 I´m 191 centimeters tall so the hiking staff will be sized accordingly. A staff in lenght should always be about 20 centimeters above your elbow, when you have your arms straight downwards. I aim for a staff that is about 30 centimeters above the elbow, and not too thick. I have not yet decided if I´m creating a wood spirit staff or a druidic staff with a stag carved in. This video is what inspired me to start working, as I own a Dremel of the type displayed in the video and also the proper tools needed to execute the job. As soon as I´m done with the recordings from the creation process, I´ll upload it here.

In my creation report later on I will share my very own design and how I created it from ideas, to pen and paper also towards a wooden creation on the staff. If you want something unique – you have to be creative and get loads of inspiration 🙂 I want my hiking staff to be a magical piece of art. There will surely be alot of symbolism and I will also explain why and what type of symbolism, in the final report.