Archery 🏹

I´m an active archer within Stenbro Archery Association (Stenbro Bågskyttesällskap), located in Nyköping, Sweden. Stenbro is a local spot where we have our archery range with targets at a distance of 20, 30, 40 and 70 meters. We also have a 3D Shooting Range located at Öster Malma. During late autumn and winter we have a space within Rosvalla Sports Center, where we can train at a maximum range of 18 meters. I have been a member of this association since 2019. I find that the 3D Shooting Range is the most fun aspect, but the most expensive. When you miss your target it is very likely that you end up with one less arrow in your precious quiver…

My personal aim -> qualified Bowhunter!

There are things that still needs to be done here. One of the bigger achievements is to get the proper education in Sweden as a bowhunter. First thing is to get a ”regular” hunter education, and after that I need to confirm my Archery skills within the Swedish Bowhunting Association aswell, where I have established a good connection already through the company Scandinavian Bowhunting from who I also buy most of my archery gear.

My Current Setup/Gear as an Archer

Bow (Compound) Hoyt Powermax LD (Left) Bow Case Hoyt Excursion Compound Bow Case Bow Quiver Fuse Maxxis 6-Arrow Hip Quiver Hoyt Range Time Field Quiver Sight Fuse Vectrix Multi-Pin Stabilizer Fuse Flex Torch Arrow-Rest Fuse Ultra-Rest Releaser Scott Echo Peep Carbon Peep Arrow Shafts Gold Tip Warrior (340 Spine) Arrow Tips Field Range Broadheads Gloves Guideline Fir-Skin

The Current Wish-List

Range Finder Leupold RX-1200i TBR Ghillie Suit Woodland Camouflage Arrow Tips Montec 125g

Video Material

🎥 Above is a video of me (Green Jacket) and my friend Daniel Norman (Blue Jacket), shooting at a distance of 40 meters.
Once again @ Stenbro Archery Range in Nyköping, Sweden.