Hello & Welcome!

I'm Richard Bellstam

Father. Developer. Leader. Hiker. Archer. Gamer.


Place of Birth Sweden, Nyköping Height 191 cm Zodiac Sign Pieces (Cusp Pisces-Aries) Spirit-Animal Eurasian Brown Bear Daughter Amelie, born 2011 in Nyköping Partner Hannah Lundberg Hobbies Compound Archery, Hiking, Wood Carving, Gaming, Painting, Video- & Picture Editing.

Bad Habbits Rubbing my beard intensively when focused🤔, The nerd within me deep-dives into the abyss at times - where I need to be aware of the bigger perspective at all times. I might fail at times, when I'm at the absolute deepest.

Qualities Focused. Flexible. People-person. Self-aware. Passionate with a big sense of humor and a kind listening heart. I always dare to have fun!

Fun Facts
I run a Youtube Channel named "Bellbear Fableforge" where I record stuff from my life including archery practice, gaming moments and hiking adventures etc etc.

Date of Birth: 14 March 1983

Nationality: Sweden


Most of my years I've been employed at SSAB Special Steels in Oxelösund. Started out at the company as a mechanical repairman, and at the moment I'm working as a Maintenace Developer. During my career I've educated myself on my spare time towards more leadership-/developmentfocused roles.

Maintenance Developer

SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden - 2022 - 2023

Creating sustainable conditions for a effective production, securing deliveries and quailty of work focused on maintenance, management and people.

Warehouse Technician

SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden - 2018-2021

Carried out a wide array of tasks including creation of work instructions, teamleading, logistics management and taking care of hosted articles .

Warehouse Project Manager

SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden - 2015-2016

Project management within a satellite storage. Securing articles in order, logistics, quality of present articles, working conditions and more.

Business Developer

SAAB Linköping, Sweden - Current

Creating sustainable conditions for an effective production, securing deliveries and quality of work.

Lean Coach

SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden - 2021-2022

Creating conditions and guiding people within the organisation, with management collaboration.

Warehouse Specialist

SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden - 2016 - 2018

Warehouse management. Securing articles in order, logistics, interior layouts, quality of present articles, working conditions, guidelines and more.


Abit of the most important people, interests and other parts of my life that defines who I am today. There are of course alot of more pictures, clips and stuff if you visit my social channels.


Short and sweet, letting you know what loadout I carry at the range and beyond.

Hoyt PowerMax LD (LH)

This is the bow that I'm shooting with right now.  It's a bow in the mid-range price with a 31-inch axel-to-axe l measurement. It's the predecessor to the current version of the bow named Torrex.

PowerMax serves well as a 3D-shooter and is a great  and versatile hunting bow. My bow is fitted with a Hoyt UltraRest, a FUSE FlexTorch stabilizer, a FUSE vector 4 detachable arrow quiver and a FUSE ProFire 5 Fibre optic sight. String and Cables are also made by FUSE.

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Hoyt Excursion

This is the bow case that my bow resides in, when I'm not active on the shooting range. It's made from high quality materials including extra beefy zippers for ultimate durability and features multiple interior and exterior pockets for your gear, including a full length pocket for your arrows and/or arrow tube. 

Learn more at

Scott Archery Echo

This is the releaser that I'm currently use. The Echo’s Patented HyperJaw technology feature independent, off-center jaws which operate in perfect synchronization to deliver unmatched opening response that eliminates torque and increases accuracy. The Roller Trigger System provides a silky-smooth trigger action that is customizable.

It comes with a leather strap that ensures that you always find that same distance to the trigger.

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Hoyt FT Range Quiver

Field Time Range Quiver. This is where my arrows rest, and where my releaser, tools, binocular, towel etc are placed while on and off the range. It's an absolute dream while on the 3D shooting range to handle. You put it on and take it off with ease, as well as with style. An essencial tool I always carry is the Beiter Bow Wrench with both metrical and inch allen keys for making adjustments to the bow.

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Gold Tip Warrior

These are the arrowshafts that I-m shooting with, alongside Gold Tip nocks and screw-in field points. The shafts have a straightness tolerance @ ± .006 with a spine at 340 (8.9 gpi) where gpi stands for Grains Per Inch.

I'm about to challenge this setup and start making/fletching my own arrows and trying out broadheads aswell.



Urberg WP 8x32 Mono

This binocular provides the basic needs to see the  hit result. Over time I will upgrade my binocular need as I want the range finding function to level up my results/settings.

WP 8x32 is a waterproof binocular from Urberg with 8 times magnification and 32 mm objective. The binoculars provide a sharp and clear image and are ideal for bird watching, hiking, camping, concerts or other outdoor activities where you want to see well from afar.

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