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From Amiga 500 to MMORPGs on PC

Gaming have almost always been a ”natural part” of my life. I love gaming. It brings me a joy that few things can do. When I´m gaming, I´m at peace. 🙂 Even early as a child I was spellbound surrounding games that where themed around the aspects of fantasy and role-playing games. I remember it so well, back in the early days when I was totally into Moonstone on Amiga 500. You could turn gore on or off in the starting menu. This was a brutal game back in the days (like 1990?!).

Moonstone – visiting a Tavern

Moonstone supported 4 players but also CPU-controlled challenging knights. It was turn-based on the world map, but also real-time once you where in combat. It was truly amazing at that time. You played as a knight, travelling the world and your slaughtered monsters and dragons for chests of loot along the way. You recieved experience-points for defeating them. You could visit merchants, taverns and a healer for example. You could even challenge other knights along your path. Your mission was to retrieve the moonstone back to stone-henge, where druids then wait for your arrival. 🙏

Moonstone – Slaughtered a monster, ready to loot the treasure from the chest

It was magic… True and really really powerful magic. It hooked me for the rest of my life 😄

Along the way, games developed at a insane speed and nowadays I´m spellbound by Elder Scrolls Online, since it was released back in 2014 on PC and consoles. I – of course – play it on PC for the best overall experience. I own all the released expansions to this day. The Elder Scrolls saga, and the lore, got me hooked with the release of Skyrim. If I do play, this is the game I turn to the most. ES Online tho, offers a great span of variety with soothes my mind most of the time.

I also have a love-hate relationship towards Conan Exiles which I find, at times, really satisfying to play. The costumer support tho, is somewhat non-existing, and there are tons of unadressed bugs and glitches within the game which makes it hard to enjoy at times. Feels like the mind-set here was ”we are the greatest!” and the quest here, was to make a game that generated tons of cash. This tho – of course – led to a game poorly maintained and a shrinking community. They had surely made a greater impact if they actually addressed those bugs and glitches when the community pleaded and scream out for it.

Conan Exiles – a great game with good potential but poor community support

There are also some occational racing and FPS games like Wreckfest, BF2042 and Apex. My heart tho, truly belong to the realm of mystical monsters and magical fantasy. I belong to the bunch of people that love great MMORP-games with creators that listen and tend to their memberbase. 🧙

Me, Rinthir and ES Online

The main character of mine, within the world of Nirn, is ”Rinthir the Radiant” and I play for the Aldmeri Dominion. This alliance is led by the stunningly beautiful elven female Queen Ayrenn. The Dominion was forged in an attempt to take back the central Imperial City and bring back the elven rule to Tamriel.

The Aldmeri Dominion dominates the south-western parts of Tamriel and consist mostly of High Elfs, Wood Elfs and Khajiiti members. There are exeptions and occational races from other alliances exist within the Dominion aswell. This rule applies to all the alliances within Tamriel.

The Aldmeri Dominion – Left: Khajiit, Center: High Elf, Right: Wood Elf

There are two other alliances present within Tamriel. The Ebonheart Pacts who rules in the north-eastern parts. They are mostly Nord, Dark Elfs and Argonians. The Daggerfall Covenant rule in the north-western parts and they consist mostly of Redguards, Bretons and Orcs.

Rinthir is approximately 350 years old and has his origins back in Valenwood, Greenshad. He grew up near the town of Woodhearth, beside Shademist Moors and Greenheart. The family are strong believers and worshippers of the Wilderqueen.

Rinthir the Radiant of Aldmeri Dominion.
Rinthir the Radiant of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Now – the personal home of Rinthir the Radiant is found on the Summerset Isles, within the capital city of Alinor at the ”Alinor Crest Townhouse”. It have been carefully decorated to fit the environment and he´s personal likings. Rinthir is a member of the Bosmeri race (wood elf) and a dedicated follower of Meridia and Hircine. He think of himself as a blessed knight of the great and eternal hunt. The home is inspired by them both. This, of course, with a great deal of personal touch to it. Rinthir have also decorated with epic items that has been picked up on the many adventures within and beyond Tamriel.

Map of Nirn and the locations surrounding Rinthir the Radiant

Rinthir is a Templar (class) who first and foremost prefers to deliver physical and magical damage towards monsters and foes all across Nirn. He also occationally brings a shield to the fight, to take on the role of a tank. Even sometimes he brings a healing staff to mend the wounded in combat. He is a flexible knight with a broad variety of skills that he tries to keep active, to not lose the precious knowledge surrounding them.

You can mostly find Rinthin in a dungeon, along friends. He is a dedicated player towards killing the all the evil aspects of every part within Nirn. He got a strong love towards the true and living, also a strong hate towards the false and undead. He respects the nature, and the balance which keeps the order. The mind and soul of Rinthir is a calm and focused one. He is still searching Nirn, for the legendary blade of Dawnbreaker, which is the most honorable gift you can recieve as a true follower of Merid-Nunda (Meridia). As told, Rinthir is blessed by the great hunt – and therefor also a true lycan at heart.

Achievements & Exploration

At this moment, at the 13 of January in 2022, Rinthir have obtained and completed every quest in the game at least once. He have researched all researchable traits within the game. He have gained 1798 Champion Points and 35900 Achievement Points.

But he has only found 2535 out of 4128 books across Nirn, learned 155 out of 418 funishing plans, completed 12 out of 21 Dungeon Challenger Achievements and 2 out of 17 Trifecta Achievements within the game. Among other things, there are still a breat bunch of crafting motifs to complete aswell.

As you can clearly see, there are a great number of adventures to still be had, even tho Rinthir was created back in 2014 when the game released. This above, only to mention a few things to complete within the game. Some things require you to team up with the very best of skilled friends. For example, Trifecta Achievements. These, you only obtain if you complete a certain dungeon challenge at a very fast time-window, with no deaths at all within the team and also at the hardest difficulty created for that specific dungeon. These are among the hardest team-oriented achievements to gain within the game.

Team Challenges – Dungeons & Trials

Within the game there are a large number of dungeons and these are completed alongside 3 good friends. This team mostly consist of 1 tank (takes damage), 1 healer (heals the team) and 2 damage dealers. The mission is to fight your way through the dungeon and to be able to kill the final boss, at the end. There are times when roles within the team needs to be flexible and optimized to complete a certain challenge.

Ruins of Mazzatun – A four-man Dungeon located within Shadowfen

There are also a thing called Trials (like raids if you are familiar with that). Trials consist of 12 players, mostly there are 2 tanks, 2 healers and 8 damage dealers present. Trial Teams needs to be more flexible than teams tho as many different challenges requires different setups within the team. There might, for example, be a challenge that only require 1 tank and therefor that secondary tank sometimes needs to be able to switch fast to another role, on demand. Trials, mostly, have a dedicated leader within the team. The leader needs to explain tactics, give commands and see to player requirements along the way.

Cloudrest – a twelve-man Trial located on the Isles of Summerset

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